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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Scandalous Love

So I've been spending some time this week reflecting on Easter. It all kind of started because I wasn't fired up about it this year like I have been in years past and that was bothering me. How could I not fall on my face in gratitude and awe over this man Christ Jesus who died for me, then rose from the dead?!?!

You see - I've been struggling lately - attacks on a number of my relationships and my foundation is being tested. There are days I wake up wondering if it's all a dream - and I have to remind myself that it's HIS strength that I stand on, not my own.

But back to Easter...I've decided it's like Christmas, Part II. Because really, what is the point of Christmas without Easter? Some time in history when God simply came to earth to pay a visit? I mean really, without His rising from the dead, the joy of Christmas loses it's meaning.

Then I thought further...what really then is Easter without Good Friday? That torturous day when Jesus took MY place in the death that I deserve. I obviously am no innocent person - pretty far from it. If some of you really knew me, I think you'd be surprised at the struggle I face daily to submit myself under God's plan for my life and not control it all on my own. And it goes so much deeper than that. I hate the sin in my heart...yet I'm so in love with the world. It's scandalous really.

The Bible says not one of us is innocent. Not one! "No one is righteous, not even one." "All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." I don't see a lot of room for setting myself on a pedestal and proclaiming myself worthy of God's love there. But when God looks at me, He declares that I am righteous. Seriously? Once we were slaves, but we are slaves no longer because of Christmas....which has it's meaning because of Easter...which has it's meaning only because of Good Friday. Wow - that God, He sure had a plan! Maybe I should learn to trust Him a little better with my own life since He did so well with His Son's!!!

I watched 'The Passion of the Christ' earlier this week - and I was reminded of the suffering and agony that Jesus went through as He took on my sin and death. He took all the beating that I deserve - through his sacrifice He defeated the laws of sin. And three days later He defeated the laws of death. Hallelujah!!

Because of this, we have no fear of sin's mastery in our lives, nor do we fear death...when we rely on HIS strength - sin is defeated, the grave is defeated, and get this - we are declared righteous because of it. How cool is that...and how mind blowing!

I'm the one who has screwed up - I lost it all. Yet, He did it all. And in the end, I get it all. Through Jesus, we have a promised hope - and all of our mistakes are atoned for.

I guess it's about time I start living like it...

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