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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

After much deliberation...my new TOP 10!!

Springtime is a time to reflect on the lessons you learned through the winter...a time to look at your goals and adjust where necessary...a time to focus on reality and realize that some dreams weren't meant to be achieved, and so you must dream up new dreams...

So after much deliberation...I now present to you (my dearest friend) my new Top 10. While these 10 new individuals could never truly replace the 10 posted on our refridgerator so many years ago...I believe they reflect a new, more mature Stacey - one who has moved on from such childish dreams of marrying Peter Forsberg or ah hem, Brian Griese - to dreams that will certainly become reality! :-)

Patrick Dempsey (ahh - McDreamy!)
Bruce Willis (yes, still..the man gets hotter the older he gets!)
Brad Pitt (like that could change...)
Joaquin Phoenix (hello...)
Jack Johnson
Howie Day (yes, I know he looks like he's 12, but it's the eyes...)
Anson Mount (even though the movie sucks...he's still beautiful)
Matthew McConaughey
Dan Hinote
Jake Plummer (I still think he's kinda hot...yikes)

**Mentioned in no particular order, should one call - I'll be sure to alert the troops that the other 9 can be removed...

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