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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New England to see a "NEW" Broncos Team

A new Broncos team, who figured out after blowing a 25-point 3rd quarter lead to the Patriots on October 16th, there actually are 4, not 3 quarters in a football game....

Regardless of the 'heroics' of the second half of the Patriots 2005 season (note the sarcasm in heroics as 4 of them included killer teams such as the Bills and Jets, right...not to mention the beauty against Miami on New Years Day), the fact still remains that the Patriots are 1-2 at Invesco, AND 1-2 on the road in the divisional round of the playoffs. Compare that to Denver's 8-0 home record this season, and winning records for playing at home and overall in the divisional round (7-3 and 6-2 respectively), and it doesn't take much common sense to see that the Broncos will take care of this speed bump in their road to the Super Bowl on Saturday night.

Let's just hope the Pats fans can stay up to see the end of the game, with an 8pm start, the game will likely last into the 11 o'clock hour. Broncos fans however, show once again that Colorado is God's Country (and well, the perfect place to watch football) knowing that the game will be over around 9, just in time to hit the bars to celebrate!

Broncos fan Stacey Wisdom noted, "We are ecstatic that we will have the backing of many Patriots fans as we face the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship next week. It seems Patriots fans hate the Cots even more than the Broncos." Fellow fan Bree Studenka added, "I just hope Nicole can make it through this, but we'll be here to help however we can."

Written as a reply to a friend of mine who thinks that NE has a chance against Denver just because Richard Seymour is back....

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