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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


~ Though I sleep, my heart is awake ~ Though it's night, on you I wait ~ It's been a long night, and I am weary ~ It's been a long time, and I am hungry ~ So I wait in the stillness again, I wait in the quiet again ~ When I heard your voice, when you said my name, when I heard your voice, my heart it yearned ~ In the middle of the night, my heart it yearns ~ Though you're far away, still I'm here to say 'I am Yours' ~ and when you feel so far away, still I'm here to say 'I am Yours' ~ (Misty Edwards)

As He asked his disciples on the night before His death, Jesus is asking me: "Will you watch with me? Will you endure this night with me? And will you fellowship with me, even in it's blackness?"

O Lord - let my answer be a resounding yes!

YES - I will watch with You, I will watch as You surround me with Your love, as You reveal Your heart to me, as You withstand trials in my life to woo me closer to You.

YES - I will endure this night with You Lord, knowing that though the sorrow may last for this night, Your joy comes with the morning. Your ever-present and perfect joy.

YES Lord - I will fellowship with You. Even as You are silent. For I trust in who You have revealed Yourself to be...I trust in Your perfection...I trust in Your definition of good for my life.

And so Lord I wait, I wait for Your perfection. I wait for what You have in store for me - I choose You.

In Your silence Lord, I say yes to You. Though I cannot see - I say yes to all that You are, to all of Your ways. I believe in Your love. I say Yes to Your hand on my heart.

Have Your way with me Abba - take me to depths unknown, and sights unseen, and to the fullness of Your love. Ruin me with that love. Waste me on the presence of You. I want You. I want Your perfect plan, my King. Take me there, until only love remains.
My heart lives today because I believe that Your silence is Your answer to awaken my heart in greater love. I trust and place my hope in Your sovereignty Daddy.

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